Preserve date / time when copying over MTP

How to keep the date modified information for a file copied over MTP  

When using Nautilus or Thunar to copy files from my Android phone over MTP, I noticed the date modified property is being changed.

The only way to maintain it I've found so far is to do the following:

Plug in your phone and let Ubuntu mount it for you

cd /run/user/1000/gvfs

You may need to change '1000' to your UID
To find your UID run:
id -u $USER

Here you will find your MTP device

Now use 'cp' with '-p' to copy the files:
cp -p *.jpg /home/chris/photos

Or copy the first 7 files in descending date order:
cp -p `ls -1t | head -n 7` /home/chris/photos

Or if there are spaces in the filename:
ls -1t | head -n 7 | xargs -I{} cp -p "{}" /home/chris/photos