Wake on Lan (WOL)

Your bios must have WOL and possibly PME enabled!

Check wake on lan is supported by your card:
sudo ethtool eth0

You will probably see: “Wake-on: d”
This means WOL is disabled.

Create the following script: /etc/init.d/wol
ethtool -s eth3 wol g

Then make it executable and have it begin at startup:
chmod +x /etc/init.d/wol
update-rc.d wol defaults 98

For Ubuntu users, modify the halt script in /etc/init.d/
Remove the -i on the line like this:
halt -d -f -i $poweroff $hddown

Now when you shutdown or startup, wake on lan is enabled for your card.
You can use the program 'wakeonlan' to test this

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